Basement Waterproofing Maintenance Program

You may have an awful lot to protect downstairs in the basement. Wouldn’t it be a good idea to have a checkup done for it the same way you do for your car or your health? Give us a call just to be safe.

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All of our maintenance programs are best performed annually. They include an inspection of any visible areas of the perimeter drainage systems, inspection of the sump pump’s discharge line, and inspection for other domestic leaks.  Batteries for backup pumps can be inspected as well and are recommended to be replaced after 4 years.

  • Rinsing sump liner and pump
  • Run the primary pump and check for issues

COST: $325*

  • TIER 1 Package Items +

  • Check battery for charge and fill cells, maintenance check

COST: $375

  • TIER 1 Package Items +

  • Battery replacement for backup pump

COST: $525

*Fee of $150 per additional sump pit to be inspected, rinsed, and tested. There may be an additional charge if reasonable access is not available for sump pits.